Book Review: Rent A Boyfriend by Gloria Chao


*Book Tour Stop*

Hey there, y’all. Today’s my stop for the book tour of the book Rent A Boyfriend by Gloria Chao. Thank you @hearourvoicestours for letting me be a part of it.

*Book Review*

Chloe Wang, a college student, is being forced by her parents to agree for a marriage she doesn’t want. As most asian parents say, “It’s for her own good”. So, she decides to hire a fake boyfriend to get rid of Hongbo, a not-so-suitable suitor chosen by her parents.

Andrew(also Drew), who’s handsome, who loves Chloe, belongs to a rich family and soon-to-become doctor. Andrew is everything Chloe’s parents wants. That’s because Andrew is a trained version of what chloe wanted to show her parents. The real Drew Chan might not be a reasonable suitor in the eye of Chloe’s parents.

Favourite quote #1

✨ You guys, it’s been so long since I last read a book with fake dating plot. The book, I tell you, is full adorable moments. The line between what’s fake and what’s real is what made Chloe and Drew’s relationship complicated. And complications is what we live for, don’t we? We do not like when the couples are in the happy-go-lucky phase.

Favourite quote #2

✨ Family dynamic was something every asian women can relate to. Family forcing to get married because they only what’s best for their child and all. Communication problems in a family and to what issues it can lead to was depicted very commendably.

Favourite quote #3

✨ The book started out really great but in the middle, there was major drop in its pace. Things were repetitive which was a turn off for me.

✨ If you love festivals and holidays in a book then you should definitely choose this one as it has thanksgiving, christmas, new year, chinese new year and valentine’s day. Also, the mouth-watering food I kept dreaming about after I was done for the day.

Favourite quote #4

✨ Also, have you looked at the cover! Cover and the blurb of this book made me sign up for this tour and thank god I did, because it was worth it.

Overall, I really liked the book. Full drama package and something fresh for me.
As reference to the book, I’d like to give this book a full 4 mooncakes.

Favourite quote #5

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